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Locations and Scenes The main setting is an abadoned mining town somewhere in the American Southwest

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What's it all about?

What's it all about?

Even we don't know... yet. That's up to you. This site is an experiment associated with the development of a
Multiple Reality Project entitled 'Area 52'.
All artists are welcomed to participate by contributing their ideas, art, sounds, music etc. to the project.
The purpose of the program is to be educational as well as entertaining. It's themed around societies drug situations and we wish to explore as many avenues as we can to help convey an educational message about drug abuse.
It is also an interactive App complete with Data Sensor Technology and a whole lot more.
We like to think of it as 'Ol Town / New Tech

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Meet Hygieia and Malia

Hygieia is our principal lead. Burned at the stake in 1698. She is a Ghost Witch and has all sorts of powers. Malia is Hygieia's new friend who she has to keep out of mischief. Did I mention the Ninjas?

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